Monday Conversation: Jake Weimer

June 29, 2009 12:59pm | by:

One race after running up front in both motos at High Point, yet scoring no points, Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Jake Weimer had a career day in Colorado, going 2-1 for the overall victory.

Racer X: After lighting up the supercross series like you did, what’s been going on with you the last few weeks? High Point was ironically a low point for you, I’m betting...
Jake Weimer: When your results aren’t what you want or what you feel like you should be doing, it’s easy to kind of get ahead of yourself and start to work maybe a little bit harder than you should be working. We’re racing every weekend, and it’s hot, and the motos are long, and it’s important to eat well, and it’s important to get your sleep. Whatever the combination was or wasn’t – whether I wasn’t getting enough sleep, or eating the right things... I don’t know, but I was feeling a little bit tired, so we just took a step back and evaluated the situation and decided it would be good for me to try to get a little bit of rest after High Point. That we did. I rode a couple times leading up to here and felt a lot better!

This week, did you feel enough better that you thought you might win this weekend?
You know, I didn’t really think about that. I thought to myself that this outdoor season has been horrible, and I’m going to shoot for the podium. The first moto went well, and I felt good physically and on the bike, and going into the second moto, I knew I was in a spot where I could obtain my goal and get on the podium. I knew how important the start was, and luckily I got a good start again, and then I got to the point where I was thinking, “I can win the overall!” To answer your question, my goal wasn’t to win, but I knew that I felt better, and I just wanted to try to get on the box.

Your first-ever supercross win, at Phoenix in 2008, came a week after scoring no points. Now your first-ever National win comes one race after scoring no points at High Point. What’s the deal with that?
It is weird, but they’re separate issues, for sure. I think High Point was just a tough race, but Anaheim I in 2008, I was riding really well at that time and I was healthy, but I just crashed in my qualifier and hurt my shoulder, and I had a tough time even riding the LCQ, and again went down, so... I mean, it is kind of weird, but they’re kind of separate situations, really.

So, since you get a bonus check now, are you going to buy that R/C car?
Possibly... I’ve only got like six now, so...

Yeah, so tell everyone what you were doing for a lot of that time off while you weren’t doing much.
[Laughs] Dude, I drove my R/C car like every day, like six hours a day! I went through a gallon of fuel, and a gallon only costs 40 bucks, so hey...

Is it almost better sometimes to step out of the motocross world and focus on something else altogether? I mean, as a journalist, there are times when I have to force myself to get away from my work for a little while so that I can give it a fresh perspective when I come back...
Yeah, and the problem is that when you’re not doing well, it’s all you think about! It’s like, “I’m not doing well... I need a ride next year... I’m not making any money... I suck...” It’s almost like a domino effect. Then it gets worse because you start working harder, and you can’t sleep because you can’t stop thinking about it... So if you can get away from it and clear your mind, I think that can be really good.

Yeah, because you’re a good racer regardless. A lot of people think if you take a week off of riding, you’re going to come back rusty, but that can’t be true when you’re on your level.
No, you’re not going to forget how to ride your dirt bike.

There are seven more of these. Having won one now, what are you thinking?
Obviously, it does help the confidence, but it really doesn’t change much. I mean, obviously the last couple weeks were a little rough because of certain issues, but I really felt even before today that I could win motos. So, no, it doesn’t really change anything.

Is that hat a child’s hat?
No, but I got a seven-incher today, and I’m pumped. It’s sick. I’m saving it. You wait.