Lafferty Wins Rock Pile National Enduro

Cascade, MT – Shock Doctor/KTM rider Mike Lafferty earned his third win of the season at the seventh round of the National Enduro Series closing the point gap on his teammate Russell Bobbitt to 6 points.

Lafferty had a great day running fast times in each test section. “I felt really comfortable on my KTM this weekend and I had a lot of fun on the course,” commented Lafferty. “The course was very challenging and you had to pay close attention all day or you could go over the bars any time. The rocks were hidden in the tall grass on the sides of the trails and if you hit one it only took a second to swap you out of control.”

Bobbitt was one of the riders that hit a rock which caused him to crash down a hill during one of the early test sections. “The crash really threw me and I had a hard time getting back up to speed and finding my rhythm after the crash,” stated Bobbitt. “I am just glad I’m okay and still managed to save some points by finishing on the podium.”

Both riders are returning home to enjoy their summer break. While continuing to ride and train, Lafferty also mentioned, “My boat is at home waiting for me and I can’t wait to get out and enjoy the water.”

Next Event: July 19, 2009 – Round 8 – Blain, PA

Overall Results:

  1. Mike Lafferty - KTM
  2. Jordan Brandt – KTM
  3. Russell Bobbitt – KTM
  4. Nick Fahringer – Husaberg
  5. Cole Kirkpatrick – KTM
  6. Ian Blythe
  7. Brad Bakken – KTM
  8. Jonathan Seehorn
  9. Rory Sullivan – Husaberg
  10. Cameron Weaver

Overall Points:

  1. Russell Bobbitt – 187
  2. Mike Lafferty – 181