DMXS Amateur Hour

For the second edition of DMXS Amateur Hour on we have been graced with the presence of Larry Dukes. In case you don’t remember Mr. Dukes, he was the man in charge of the highly controversial bike teardown at Mill Creek a few weeks ago. After giving Taylor Futrell his chance to tell his side of the story in our first edition of the show, we now offer up the opinions of Mr. Dukes.

You can’t talk Amateur motocross unless you talk about Canidae Motosport Xtreme Team Green, and as of last year, you can’t talk pro motocross without mentioning the name either. The team has become instrumental in Kawasaki’s motocross efforts and has managed to become one of the most accomplished teams in the amateur world to date. Number one plates line the door of their semi and they employ nothing but the finest riders on the circuit. We sit down with team owner Bobby Hewitt to get his take on both his amateur and pro teams and probe him to find out where his hottest amateur athlete, Dean Wilson, might be headed next season.

We also hook up with Yamaha’s Travis Baker for the second edition of the show to get his take on Mammoth, Loretta’s and see what his chances are for picking up a ride for his pro debut at Unadilla.