CF Films & Production 262 Deliver the Goods to You

Bakersfield, CA - I had a ton of emails regarding the Jonathan Davis video that went out yesterday.  Here is some more information on the video edits.  Cuyler Ruskin of CR Films & Wiley Watson of Production 262 will provide an outstanding video for your privateer race biography.  Remember in this economy you need the right exposure to get the proper sponsorships. This is an excellent way of seeking sponsorship at a very reasonable price.  Cuyler Ruskin based out of Lake Tahoe, Ca resides in the northern California, Nevada territory while Wiley Watson is based out of Santa Barbara, Ca for the southern territory coverage.  Between the two, you will be sure to receive the outstanding customer service for all your profile video needs.  Don't forget, these guys track ATV's as well.  So rather your a 2-wheel or 4-wheel guy, they have it covered.

"Props on the Jonathon Davis video. This is probably the best representation of what WORCS is. The helmet camera was great. The footage was excellent as well. Good job." Sean Reddish of WORCS Racing

"The Davis Profile project went very well and appreciate the positive input as always. I enjoy documenting the riders of the WORCS and the WORCS Series itself. It's a unique series where some of the most talented riders come to battle. I think the viewers, fans and audience may gain more from meeting these riders, their friends and there staff support and learning how the team structure works." Cuyler Ruskin of CR Films 

"These guys work really well together.  Cuyler has a ton of experience in the filming industry, while Wiley Watson is top shelf on editing and not bad behind the camera himself.  They did a great job on Kurt Caselli's film- "As The Gears Turn" and it shows in their work with these films." Jason Reed of JR Publications

For more on their work and to see a sneak peak of whats offered,  Click on the following trailers and clips. Anywhere from a full length film to privateer profiles, these guys can do it all.

WORCS Racing's Fastest 3 minutes in Motorsports from Bobby Bond's Championship win:

FMF/Suzuki's Jonathon Davis profile video:

If interested in having yourself or team profiled, you can contact Cuyler Ruskin at & Wiley Watson at for all your video needs.