Privateer Profile: Gavin Gracyk

In spite of all the adversity in his young life (fiancée passing away in 2006, father suffering and eventually succumbing to ALS in 2008, and mechanic Dave Derosier’s near fatal accident) Gavin Gracyk is still blessed with his solid beliefs. Gavin’s 2007 summer in AMA Motocross was one of the true Cinderella stories as he scored six top-ten finishes as a privateer; landing ninth in the final points standings. The 2008 season was supposed to be even better as he was signed by the Troy Lee Honda Team for Supercross, and then by the JGRMX Yamaha Team for outdoors, where unfortunately injuries allowed him to compete in only four of the twelve rounds. With a bit of a rough start to this summer’s Lucas Oil AMA Motocross Championships, the 25-year-old now appears to be hitting the stride that he had in the summer of 2007.

Racer X: Gavin, let’s begin with High Point: Although you had bike issues in moto one you rode great. Are you back to the summer of 2007?
Gavin Gracyk: Well, thanks Jim, it was definitely a step in the right direction. As for 2007, though, that was here and gone. It was great while it lasted but this is a new year, and a time for new things. Last year was a lot of hard work that paid off due to the sacrifices of my parents, Dave and Sarah Derosier, Cycra, Drew Robertson, my other sponsors, and every one of the individuals who so graciously donated financially, and in other ways. It was truly a fight, but was also a blessing that we as a team managed to finish ninth overall that season.

As far as now, do you think there is any chance that you may get offered a slot on the Monster Energy Kawasaki Team with Villopoto, Ferry, and Jesseman now injured?
Hmm, I'm not too sure about that. They do seem to be very nice people over there, and they have been pretty helpful to me in the past. But due to my representation for health and wellness with Advocare, the Monster affiliation may be a conflict. But I certainly could use their parts budget up!

Let’s move back to earlier this summer: You seemed to struggle a bit at the first two west-coast rounds.
It was clear that our homework was not done. I felt good, though, and thought that we had what it was going to take, but things needed to be addressed, so we went back to work.

At Freestone you looked good.
First, I would like to thank Rickey Mosley for sacrificing his Saturday to wrench for me in Texas. All in all was a blessing to be there. Thanks to and Hyper X for making most of it possible. It was hard coming from the back of the pack in Texas, but much was gained from that task. The second moto was a bit more unique because I had gas spray all over me, and needless to say that ended our day early.

Still, did your strong rides there motivate you for High Point, a track closer to your Ohio home?
We’re always motivated, each and every day, but the approach to High Point was good. I was able to get some testing in with Chad Sanner (who also ended up wrenching for me), and the guys at Eleven10 Mods, and we were able to move forward in a great way. I’d also like to thank MX Sports for putting on such a top-notch event. It was great to be a part of it in their home based area.

You didn’t race any Supercross this past winter, so what were you doing?
I really didn’t have anything open up for me there. I found myself facing some depression a little, but only by the grace of God was my heart and eyes opened to the truth – that our Heavenly Father has great things in store if we will just get out of his way, so that his will and not ours will be done. I was able to spend the holidays with my mother, I got engaged in January, and then was blessed to get a Kawasaki 450 in February. I thank my friend Bill Toomey,, and Carter Powersports very much for the wonderful opportunity to ride such a great bike. I did some riding in Nor-Cal and then jumped right into the WORCS series. That series is definitely one that will turn a boy into a man and I’d have to say that two hours is way too long on a dirt-bike. I now know why Michael Goen introduced Advocare to Shawn Reddish for the WORCS series: proper nutrition is vital!

You are back on the brand that you rode early in your pro career.
I am, and I love it! I really enjoy riding the 2009 Kawasaki 450. The program that we’re structuring doesn’t even have a team name yet, so until the title sponsor surfaces we are going to continue to move forward each and every day.

What are you hoping to accomplish in the 2009 Lucas Oil AMA Motocross Championships?
Jim, I’m looking to accomplish what it is that we were all designed to accomplish, which means, win or lose I want to represent what is good and what is right. Whether it’s hard work, health, or the example that we should be for others. The world is getting flipped upside-down, and we all need to re-examine ourselves and our motives. Lord willing, though, I would love to accomplish a moto sweep for a first overall!

On a personal note, you have had some difficult things to deal with the past few years. How are you doing now?
I’m doing great. I am blessed to be at home in Ohio with my mother. Family time is very precious, and I cherish every moment. I am trying my best to be obedient to the Lord, and since none of us are perfect all we can do is try. Please keep my mother’s health in prayer. Thanks.

We will Gavin, and with that said, who do you want to thank?
I am really blessed to have what I have, and the opportunity to be racing this year! The people that have always been with me still are; from my mother and father to my close friends. Now a few new sponsors have opened up their arms to us when no one else would. I am part of a team of people who share the same goals; first to honor God, secondly representing that which is right, and thirdly working hard. The vision that we see is a work in progress, and will be fulfilled if it’s the Lord’s will. I’d so like to thank my mother and father for their hard work and sacrifice to get me where I am today, S.O.A.R. Academy for everything it is that I know about racing and being a competitor, Advocare for the chance to be my best in racing and in life,, Hyper X, Carter Powersports, Factory Connection, Dunlop, Wiseco, FMF, Cycra, Fly racing, Utopia, Eleven10 Mods, Fasst Company, Truth Clothing, ASV, Motorex, Alpinestars, BRP, QTM, DT1 Filters, Vortex, RK-Excel, CTi2, FCA MX, 5-8 MX, Panic Rev Ministries, and Spider Grips.