Aden de Jager Mt. Morris Report

We arrived at High Point on the Friday driving through rain the entire time looking like it was going to be a muddy weekend. Luckily not far from the track, it stopped raining so heads were up.

This is my first National race as I am based on the east coast. I have been training by competing in a few local races and also practice days at tracks. During this time BDR Motors and Suspension offered to help me out a great deal by getting me two Honda CRF 450’s. This is a great opportunity for me as instead of having just one bike to train and race on, I now have a practise bike and a top notch race bike. I picked up the bikes only four days before my first National race and in that time do some testing and work out all of the kinks to make sure I was as ready as can be.

Practice/Qualifier 1: I went out on one of the most outstanding motocross tracks I have ever riden. There were plenty of jumps and off-camber corners whilst it was rutting up nicely. I only got two fast laps after the first 5 minutes free and I was 15th fastest in my B group putting me 47th out of 79 riders overall.

Practice/Qualifier 2: I was first to head back onto the track for the second qualifier. I was determined to set a few fast laps as I was 12 places outside of qualifing overall. First lap was a pretty good lap as I tagged onto a few fast guys and used them as my competition to set a fast time. I set a 2.32.6 lap time however I still knew I had more to give. This time just put me out of a qualifing position for the Main Motos. In one of my fast laps I was heavy in concentration however made a small mistake when I tucked the front wheel under which cost me a whole lap gone to waste. My last lap was my fastest setting a 2.32.2 but still was not fast enough resulting in me missing out on the main by 1.6seconds / 6 positions ending in 44th. It was a heartbreaking result as I knew I could have pushed it and easily qualified. This result sent me to the LCQ which is a four lap race and only the top two riders go through to the main to make up the top 40.

Last Chance Qualifier: As this was only a four lap race I knew the start would be crutial. I didn’t get the best jump out of the gate and headed into the first corner in 12th. I felt more determined and confident as I wasn’t as tense and managed to push my self up to 5th position.  Heading into the last lap 3rd and 4th were just infront of me with 2nd position about half a straight ahead. The rider in 3rd position crashed on a blind step-up causing the rider in 4th and myself in 5th to land on him sending me over the bars. This was a big blow as I had the second fastest lap time in the race and I knew I had what it takes to catch up to 2nd and make it into the main. I re-mounted and straightened my levers and handlebars to the best I could and took back off to finish the race and have one last lap of High Point.
It was a bitter pill to swallow knowing that I didn’t make it this round, however I know I have the speed, fitness and knowledge to make the mains in other rounds.

My next round will be Red Bud which I am fairly confident I will go well as it fits the description of what im more used to back in Australia with big jumps and a sandy base.

I would like to thank Troy Crisp from BDR for getting my bikes dialed in time for my first round. We will be doing some more testing throughout the next few weeks getting ready for the next National. I would also like to give a big Thanks to all of my other sponsors who have helped me out tremendously; Fly Racing, Kwala MX Components, Kali Protectives, Stomp Grip, Hammerhead, No Toil, Go Pro, Scott, The Burgess Family and My Mum and Dad without there support I would not be here.