Dunlop's 2009 Team D Goes Live

Dunlop Motorcycle Tires announced today the launch of the 2009 online community devoted to Team Dunlop, the popular amateur motocross program featuring up-and-coming minibike stars. Team D - - will highlight the ongoing achievements of this young but stellar group of amateur motocross racers competing all around the country, encompassing three levels: National, Regional and Club.

First established in 2008, the Team Dunlop on-line community has grown rapidly to more than 28,000 members. These members can read rider profiles, get riding tips, tire tips, watch videos, view and post event photos, and participate in assorted giveaway programs as part of the community experience.

Team Dunlop provides tire support and preferred service at select amateur races. Dunlop promotes and advertises Team Dunlop in national media as well as on the Dunlop website. As a bonus, Team Dunlop riders become involved as development riders for the next generation of Dunlop racing tires in the youth segment. Dunlop also contributes to an educational savings fund for the Team Dunlop National riders to underscore the importance of staying focused on schoolwork. Team Dunlop riders can be easily identified because they sport a unique logo on their exclusively branded Team Dunlop racetrack apparel.

The 2009 Team Dunlop National riders include:

Rider Name                          OEM Brand              Class
Adam Cianciarulo                Kawasaki                   85/105
Sean Cantrell                       KTM                            65
Thomas Covington              Kawasaki                   85
Conner Pearson                  Yamaha                     85
Zach Bell                               Kawasaki                   105
Jordan Bailey                       Cobra, KTM               50/65
Michael Young                     Cobra                         65
Jake Riggle                           Suzuki                       105
Steven Gretchen                  Suzuki                       85
Matt Bisceglia                       Yamaha                     85
Jordan Smith                                    Suzuki                       85
Chase Sexton                      Polini                          65
Mark Worth                            Kawasaki                   85
Lance Kobusch                    Cobra                         65
Clay Woeste                         Cobra                         65
Rookie White                                    Suzuki                       85
Tanner Stack                                    Kawasaki                   65/85
Bradley Esper                       Kawasaki                   65/85

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