Red Bull Racing NASCAR Pit Stop in Times Square, NYC

Earlier today, Red Bull Racing NASCAR driver Brian Vickers took his race car for a drive through the middle of New York City, but had to make a quick stop - specifically, a full pit stop - performed by the Red Bull Racing pit crew.

At high noon, the 850-horsepower car appeared on 48th Street, and made a right turn onto 7th Avenue. The sound and power of the race car brought the thousands of people in the heart of Times Square to a standstill as Vickers, driving in the thick of New York City traffic, pulled the #83 car to the left toward the curb, hit his mark and the Bull Crew proceeded to change all four tires in 20.6 seconds - slow for a NASCAR Sprint Cup race, but blazing fast in one of the busiest intersections in the world, with cars and taxis driving by. With the car outfitted with a new set of racing slicks, Vickers peeled out and proceeded on his way, to the astonishment and cheering of everyone in sight.