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Customize Your Genius Boots

You can now customize your Genius Boots with 5 new Decal Kits. The kits are available in 5 different colors; Cyan, Red, Green, Pink and Grey.  Genius Boot Decal kits are available for just $19.99 MSRP.

Cyan and Red Decal Kits

Goggle Service Tech Tip: Get the Sweat Out

Scott goggles are manufactured using the highest quality materials available.  On any given ride, your goggles take a beating. To ensure the longevity and best possible performance from your goggles, Get The Sweat Out !! 
Sweat left in the foam of the goggle will attack the foam similar to road salt attacking your car.   When your done for the day, wash your goggles in warm water and dish soap, then leave out to air dry.  This will remove dirt and grime and most importantly it will remove the salt (sweat) from the foam.  For best results, remove the lens first.

FYI, this also works for your helmet. NEVER USE: glass cleaners or household multipurpose cleaners on your goggle, especially the lens. The chemicals in these products cause lasting damage to the material.

Race Report: Freestone

Chad Reed en route to 3rd Overall photo by

250 class
Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Christophe Pourcel started the weekend in Texas on fire.  Pourcel grabbed the lead early in Moto 1 after Trey Canard washed out.  Pourcel gapped the field in a hurry, putting down some of the fastest laps of the day.  Pourcel was never challenged.  Dungey eventually moved passed Metcalfe into second, Canard caught his teammate Metcalfe on the last lap and passed him for third.  Metcalfe hung on for fourth in front of Pro Circuit’s Tyla RattrayJake Weimer had a tough moto after a crash.  Scott gear riders PJ Larson and Kyle Cunningham finished twelfth and thirteenth. In Moto 2, the Pro Circuit riders would all suffer bad starts and have to move through the field to make a race of it.  PJ Larson tried to race but pulled off after a half a lap with a wrist injury.  Pourcel rode strong and eventually made his way up to fourth place while Tyla Rattray raced to sixth.  Kyle Cunningham rode his best race of the year to get ninth in Moto 2.
  250 O/A:
1. Ryan Dungey (2-1)
2. Christophe Pourcel (Scott) (1-4)
3. Trey Canard (3-2)
4. Blake Wharton (7-3)
5. Brett Metcalfe (4-7)
6. Tommy Searle (6-5)
7. Tyla Rattray (Scott) (5-6)
8. Broc Tickle (9-8)
9. Darryn Durham (8-12)
10. Kyle Cunningham (Scott) (13-9)
450 class

Andrew Short en route to 2nd Overall Photo
Mike Alessi grabbed his usual holeshot in Moto 1.  Alessi’s teammate, Chad Reed, started just inside the top five and pressured the two Hondas (Andrew Short and Ivan Tedesco) for a few laps before a crash cost him a couple of spots. Forced to work his way around JGR/Toyota Yamaha’s Cody Cooper and Josh Grant (running fifth and fourth), Reed reeled in Cooper, but could never get close enough to the top four to make a charge.  Short rode a smart and consistent race to finish second.  One of our top off-road riders, Ricky Dietrich, got a spot with the factory Monster Kawasaki team. Ricky rode well the in Moto 1 and got seventh. Scott gear rider Tommy Hahn had a big crash and had to pull out on lap six of the moto. 

In Moto 2, Alessi got another holeshot while Reed threw down a top 5 start.  Monster Energy Kawasaki replacement rider Ricky Dietrich also pulled another top 5 start.  Reed got hung up behind Dietrich for a few laps letting Alessi get away.  Due to a stomach ailment, Reed – not knowing what position he was in – nearly quit part way through the race and was surprised when he pulled into the pits afterward to find out he finished second. Short eventually ended up third for a solid 2nd overall.  Scott gear and goggle rider Tommy Hahn returned from his crash in the first moto on fire, getting 5th and holding on to his top six position in the championship.
  450 O/A:
1. Mike Alessi (1-1)
2. Andrew Short (Scott) (2-3)
3. Chad Reed (Scott) (5-2)
4. Ivan Tedesco (4-9)
5. Ricky Dietrich (Scott) (7-6)
6. Dan Reardon (12-4)
7. Michael Byrne (8-7)
8. Cody Cooper (6-13)
9. Weston Peick (9-11)
10. Justin Brayton (11-10)

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