EKS BRAND racer Timmy Weigand earns his first Baja 500 win!

Congratulations to EKS BRAND goggle team racer Timmy Weigand who raced to his first career overall win at the Baja 500 over the weekend. The JGR Honda team of Weigand, Norman and Quin completed the 500 mile race in 8:30:03, averaging 50.88 mph. Nothing taxes eyewear like the Baja as the dust and rocks are incredible. Only the best goggles hold up under these conditions and Weigand chose EKS (X) Brand for his win.  Timmy uses the Liquid Gox line of EKS(X) and you can get the exact same pair that Weigand relies on.

Weigand said, "Our race was filled with a lot of excitement and drama. We broke an ignition case and we got behind. Quinn pulled out a good lead and we needed that extra time to fix some of our mishaps today. I made up time in my section and then Kendall just put his head down and hammered it to the finish.”
Congratulations also goes out to EKS BRAND racers Jeff Kaplan and Lou Franko whose team topped class 40 for the win. 

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