DMXS Radio Tonight

It’s hard to believe that DMXS Radio is going on its ninth year of existence. When we started, Enrique Iglesias was on top of the charts singing Hero and Ricky Carmichael had just moved up to the big bikes and was well on his way to becoming one. Our awkward little show has survived and persevered by simply just bench racing with our friends with a microphone in front of us. We want to thank our loyal listeners and sponsors for the ride, and hope to do even bigger and better things as we take the next step with our friends at the innovative Vurb Insider over at Starting with tonight’s show, DMXS will be hosted there as we look toward the future and bringing you the sport’s coverage with the beloved Vurb crew. We have had a blast bringing you nearly a decade’s worth of shows and hope the next ten years will be even better as we strive to suck less every week.
San Manuel’s Larry Brooks has been on our show since the beginning and is always an amazing guest that just flat puts you over a berm with his straight-shooting answers. Larry will catch us up on everything after his team secured yet another coveted SX title.
JGR’s Josh Grant officially put himself on the proverbial radar after an impressive opening round win in Anaheim, but he and the team were not done yet. His impressive SX season helped carry that momentum into the outdoors where he now finds himself as a title contender. JG will call in from his headquarters in NASCAR country tonight.
Muscle Milk/KTM’s Tommy Searle has already made an impression on American fans and is here to stay. We will catch up with Tommy who we hear is actually from New Jersey.
It’s been too long since Boost Mobile/AMPM/Monster’s Nick Wey has been on the show and we will remedy that tonight.’s Robb Beams is always a popular guest with his knowledge of training, athletics, and nutrition and will be on once again to try to help us all out.
Speed’s Jason Weigandt has cleared his busy schedule to give us exactly seven minutes of his valuable time for the show. Don’t miss it because we never know when he’ll grace us with his presence.
Wednesday Night 8-11pm EST