Nicole Madsen's Freestone Report

    Dad and I flew into Texas Thursday afternoon and began getting ready for Tech. Inspection and race day.  Friday the weather was O.K. about 86 Degrees and 30% humidity.  I had know idea what we were in for Saturday.  We woke up to 97 Degree weather with clouds and about 60% humidity.  Know matter how much water you drank, you lost it immediately.

    I qualified 16th in the practice round for gate pick and knew I needed a better gate for a good start.  When the gate dropped for Moto #1, I had a bad start and had to work my way up from the back.  After about three laps I saw a few of the top riders having bike problems and crashes along the way.  I was able to move up and take advantage of the situation and finished Moto #1 in 9th place for my first finish in the top ten. 

    After taking in fluids and recuperating, it was time for Moto #2.  When the gate dropped there was a crash in front of me in the first corner that slowed me down and I had to play catch up from that point on.  I rode as hard as I could, some times on the edge of disaster to make up time.  I was able to finish 14th in Moto #2 and 12 over all for the race.

    I can truly say, my body was completely drained and I left a lot of me on the track in Texas.  The trip was a great experience and I can’t wait till this week when we travel to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for round #4.  I have never traveled that far and I am looking forward to seeing the area. 

    I want to thank all my sponsors for making this possible, I really appreciate you guys and I am trying to make you proud. 

    Nicole Madsen #174.