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June 9, 2009 4:15pm | by:

This past weekend in Kamloops, British Columbia, it was the opening round of the Monster Energy CMRC Canadian Nationals and there was a definite buzz in the pits on Saturday when an unknown (to us) KTM rider named Kornel Nemeth set the fastest time in the MX1 practices. After a little bit of digging, we found that Nemeth, a Hungarian who races the German Championships, was brought over by KTM to race a few rounds just for fun. Kornel raced the MX GP’s for many years, was left without a ride over there and wanted to experience the low pressure, fun filled Canadian series.

After a horrible start in moto one when he was a little confused with the starting procedure, he raced through from outside the top twenty to get fourth. A little contact with a flagger saw him disqualified in that moto but the second time out, Nemeth again raced from the back to get a fast closing second in the second moto. Check out directmotocross.com for more Canadian interviews and coverage.

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Racer X: Kornel, great race and can you give the people a little information on your background?
Kornel Nemeth: I rode GP’s the last few years. This year I haven’t been riding GP’s as I don’t have a ride anymore. I have a lot of weekends off so that’s why I came over here, Andy White [KTM Canada team manager] and RTR Motorsports gave me a bike and I came over for four rounds. This was the first round so I have three rounds left. I can’t remember the names of the other rounds that I’m going to do right now! (His teammates Liam O’Farrell and Kerim Fitz-Gerald say that one of them is Gopher Dunes, Ontario.) So yes, right now I ride German Championships for Sarholtz KTM but I am not German, I’m Hungarian. I also ride some cross country like Mike Brown, you know?

Yeah but he rides more in the desert, I’m guessing you ride more in trees and stuff? Like David Knight?
Yes, yes, more like David Knight. That’s what I ride also… like the GNCCs. So I need to do this series, it’s a quite different sport but I start to like it. You can improve the motocross side as well. You can control your bike in the woods. When you see a tree, you have to control your bike because that tree is not going to move. It’s good practice for me.

How did you do in the GPs? What was your best finish?
I got a couple of sixths in Lommel. I was happy with that.

So you’re a sand guy?
No, not really. The riders around me were just too tired to ride for forty minutes (laughs).

You’re winning the German Championships now?
Yes, I am leading, but it is just beginning right now. We’ve only had six rounds.

So what did you think of the Canadian motocross series?
It’s really cool, the spectators were cheering me on and I was surprised by that. The other riders were really cool also, they were telling me good ride and c’mon and all that. I like some of the different things that happen up here. The start, with the turning of the thirty second thing, then five second and they turn the board again. When they turned it again I was like “What? Do I need to watch the gate now?” and I got a horrible start! You get used to it though; it’s the same thing as over there. It’s racing. The track is fast, my tracks at home are fast but not like this.  Normally the GP tracks are not fast like this. Hardpack yes, but not this quick.

Your fitness looked really good today, you can obviously ride fast for a long time.
No, I’m a vegetarian man. That’s why! (Laughs)

Oh yeah, great, you and my wife. But she can’t moto like you can.
No, I am kidding. I train very hard.

Did you know any of these guys you were racing against?
I just knew this guy, Jean-Sebastian Roy, but I did not know anyone else. My dad sometimes watches the Canadian Championships on TV at home but I never watch TV. I obviously know James Stewart and those types of guys but here it is different.

Anyone catch your eye as good riders?
Yeah for sure, the number one [Colton Facciotti] was a great rider. All the guys were very fast and I like that they got tired the last two laps because it helped me. I seen them and didn’t think I could get the guys, but I just tried very hard.

What about your disqualification in the first moto, talk about that.
I don’t know, the marshal was standing on the middle of the jump. I thought he was going to pull the flag up and let me by but he could not lift the flag and when I went by, he hit me on the hand. I thought I broke my knuckle. It wasn’t his fault, it was my fault. I could see him but I don’t think it was fair to disqualify me though.

Looks like you brought some cool parts over for your bike?
Yeah, I got to bring some things over. I got suspension; it’s got a check system in it and works real good. The forks are not factory, they have the insides of factory though. The shock is full factory, it is really good. It has a track system and works great when you accelerate.

Great, well I’m going to put this on Directmotocross.com and Racer X…
You mean Racer X USA?

Yes, I work for them also.
Oh man, that is my dream to get in Racer X magazine…

Well this is online but you will get in the magazine one day with rides like this, great job.
Thank you.