Become a Fan of EVS

Let’s face it, social networking sites are taking over! We like to stay connected with the industry in order to keep up on company happenings, race results, riders and events and logging on to the world wide web has made this easier than ever. Some of you may be on line to flaunt your assets and greatest racing achievements, but come on, the real reason is because you want to be a fan of EVS!

EVS is running full speed ahead and is now a prominent force on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. It’s our way of staying extremely connected to our riders, fans and industry folks. On each site, you’ll find such things as:

-          Race reports

-          Rider updates

-          Featured riders

-          Website updates

-          New product arrivals

-          Rider specials

-          Contest information

-          Product incentives

-          On location events

-          And so much more!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll really be getting the ball rolling by posting many new happenings on each site. As a little token to our loyal fans, we’ll be picking random users from each site who post to our pages and give them a free EVS t-shirt! How easy can it be? Leave us a cool post and your chances for winning an EVS t-shirt have just gotten better. It’s really that simple!

What are you waiting for? Log on and post today!