Ogio StepUp Moto Ramp

Ogio is proud to announce the highly anticipated patent pending StepUp Moto Ramp.  The days of calculating your jump onto the tailgate while pushing your bike up a ramp at the same time are now over.  The unique transition platform on the Ogio StepUp Moto Ramp allows one person to easily maneuver a bike in and out of a truck without hassle.  Once the rear tire reaches the half-way point on the ramp, the bike becomes stabilized virtually on its own while you make your way in or out of the truck.  Made from aluminum, the Ogio StepUp Moto Ramp is extremely durable and once folded up can easily be stored out of the way. 

The Ogio StepUp Moto Ramp is available in June and retails for $149.99.  For more information visit www.ogio.com or contact your local Ogio dealer.