KTM and Husaberg Announce ISDE Bike Rental Programs

KTM ISDE Rental Program

KTM Motorsports is proud to announce the continuation of its rental program for the 84th running of the International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) to be held in Portugal October 12-17, 2009.

All ISDE participants will be given the opportunity to rent a 2010 KTM EXC model series motorcycle with special Six Days features. The following models are available for rent:

2-stroke: 125 EXC, 250 EXC and the 300 EXC
4-stroke: 250 EXC-F, 450 EXC and the 530 EXC

All rental bikes are homologated EXC motorcycles based on the 2010 models equipped with:

  • KTM EXC Six-Days graphics “2009 ISDE Portugal”
  • Six Days seat with pocket
  • PowerParts Chain and Sprocket
  • Plastic engine guard with quick release fastener on all 4-strokes
  • Aluminum engine guard for all 2-strokes
  • Milled triple clamps without variable setting
  • Race Parts Kit (MX handguards, fork venting system, frame guard, front axle puller, handlebar pad and brake pad retainer).

KTM will offer this rental program in cooperation with KTM Spain. The price for motorcycle rental is $2,400 USD for 2-stroke models and $2,800 USD for 4-stroke models. This price includes the rental of the bike through the duration of the event, transport costs to Portugal and registration and insurance of the motorcycle for the event.

To rent a KTM motorcycle for the ISDE, please download the appropriate order form by clicking on the following link: http://ktmusa.com/KTM-News.223.20.html?nodeID=106586&cHash=8970914ba9

All order forms must be returned to Antti Kallonen at akallonen@ktmnorthamerica.com or fax: (951) 677-2307. The deadline to order bikes is June 26, 2009. All orders will be handled on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. No delivery guarantee can be given for orders received after the order deadline.

Husaberg Announces ISDE Rental Program

Husaberg is proud to announce its exclusive rental of Husaberg motorcycles for the International Six Days Enduro in cooperation with its partner, Husaberg Spain.

Husaberg has planned to have the 2010 FE450 and FE570 available to rent during the ISDE in Portugal October 12-17, 2009. The price to rent either motorcycle is $3,150 USD (excluding tax).

The rental price includes the Husaberg Enduro model (prepped for racing) for the period of the ISDE event, transport costs to Portugal, registration and insurance of the motorcycle during the event as well as the Husaberg Six Days Parts & Wear Kit.

The Husaberg Six Days Parts & Wear Kit includes the following:

  • MX Handguards
  • Frame Protection Set
  • Map Switch
  • Bleeder Valve Set
  • Front Axle Pull
  • Blue Rear Sprocket
  • Carbon Heat Protection
  • Airbox Cover
  • Team Cap
  • Team T-shirt
  • Team Pit Shirt

The rental order deadline for the Husaberg motorcycles is June 26, 2009. Please download the order form from the Husaberg website at: http://www.husaberg.com/Husaberg-Announces-ISDE-Bike-Rental-Program.23.8.html?nodeID=308&cHash=b51cb1bcf0

All order forms must be submitted to Antti Kallonen at akallonen@ktmnorthamerica.com or fax to: (951) 677-2307.