DNA Energy Drink/BTO Sports.com/BBMX Team Hung Up at Hangtown

Sacramento, CA - The Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship rolled up to Northern California and the riders and teams were welcomed with beautiful weather and a great crowd cheering everyone on. After last week's race at Glen Helen, the team was anxious to move ahead with the rest of their motocross season. Team riders Jason “Solar Radar’ Thomas, Kyle “That is very” Keylon and Ben “mush, mush” Lamay all showed up on their finely WMI-tuned CRF450’s and prepared to unleash hell on the track.

Well, that was the plan anyways but sometimes, poop happens. In this case, the poop was Thomas taking a massive header right in front of the mechanics area and having to pull out of the day with some small injuries. Keylon rode hard but came up one place short in the LCQ to get to the 40-man gate. Our recent pick-up Lamay made the motos and came away with 33-23 scores. He also crashed hard in one of the motos but was out there giving it his all for the team. In short Hangtown wasn’t very good to the DNA Energy Drink/BTO Sports.com/BBMX team but we will persevere and go to Texas for round three ready to show everyone what our guys can really do.

After this race, Lamay and the team are parting ways, we had a lot of fun with Ben and wish him nothing but the best in his racing career. And if the racing doesn’t work out, he can always trap grizzly bears in his home state of Alaska.

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