MxResultz Offers Member Discount

Richmond, and Sponsorship Connection is welcoming all riders to try and all it has to offer in 2009 for $35.00 for one calendar year. MxResultz first started with one thing in mind, giving riders the tools they need to professionally promote themselves with tools never offered before. Riders can send resultz to anyone with an email address, raise cash, receive free promotional products from sponsors, and get the BEST SPONSORSHIPS ONLINE GUARANTEED!

Sponsorship Connection was introduced to help riders take the next step to their racing program. This program allows riders to connection with over 100 of the top sponsors in the industry, and allows the riders to use race rewards to offset racing expenses. Originally introduced at a price of $69.00 this summer all riders will be able to try the fastest growing amateur website around for over 50% off the introductory price.

All riders wishing to take advantage of this never offered before promotion must have a Free account with MxResultz. You can sign up here.

All riders choosing to take advantage of unlimited access to MxResultz / Sponsorship Connection for $35.00 must enter promo code:  SHRED IT

Our Guarantee: 

Mxresultz Guarantees our riders the satisfaction of the best sponsorships available online, period.  If you are offered a better sponsorship offer anywhere else online, our promise to our riders is that we will match it unconditionally. MxResultz was founded in 2006 and has always been a rider owned and operated site. We focus our goals on our rider support and relationship trackside as well as online. We live by one saying…Live it, Love it, Moto.

What is

MxResultz gives you the tools to take your racing to the next level…. - While we all may agree racing is great, the cost of putting together a competitive race program is rising everyday, pushing families out of the sport. Mxresultz gives you the tools to market yourself and gain support both inside and outside of the industry - Send Resultz - MxResultz offers all members the opportunity to create their own custom subscriber list. Each time you post results, an email is generated to everyone on your subscriber list, notifying them you have posted new resultz - Raise Cash - That's right… We are not talking discounts here! Our RaceRewardz module gives you the tool to creatively raise funds to offset racing expenses. This program has already raised nearly $10,000, to date, for our riders - Connect with Sponsors - Mxresultz allows you to interact with the industries top sponsors. The Sponsorship programs offered on Mxresultz are better than those offered on any other internet site. WE GUARANTEE IT!