Wiseco Pistons Sponsors of AMA/Rekluse National Enduro Series

May 18, 2009 8:50pm

The NEPG is proud to announce our newest sponsor, Wiseco Performance Products. We talked with Mr. Ralph Johnston the director of marketing at Wiseco, to get some insight about their company. He tells us that Wiseco has been in the Business for nearly 70 years now. And that the name Wiseco has become synonymous with pistons, especially pistons for off-road racing and riding. Wiseco has attained that instant brand recognition by being one of the few manufacturers of forged pistons within the USA. They carry a full line of performance products including Forged Pistons, Precision Forged Clutch Baskets & Hubs, Crankshafts, Camshafts, Forged Connecting Rods, Valves, and other accessories for just about any Motorcycle, ATV, Snowmobile, PWC, Outboard Marine, or Automobile on the market. We are happy to welcome Wiseco to the list of other fine companies that have help the National Enduro Series grow and become one of the premier racing series in the US. Thanks Mr. Johnston and Wiseco for your support. For more info on their products, Wiseco can be reached at www.wiseco.com

For more information about the NEPG email Alan Randt at info@nationalenduro.com. For more information as a competitor in the 2009 AMA National Enduro Series email Chuck Weir at cweir@amacycle. org

About the NEPG: The NEPG was formed by a group of Enduro enthusiasts to assist the AMA in promotion and management of the AMA National Enduro Series. Our objective is to work with the riders, clubs and sponsors to raise the level of participation and awareness to Enduro competition.

About the 2009 AMA National Enduro Series: Enduros are the oldest form of off-road motorcycle competition in the USA. Enduro’s can trace their beginnings back to 1920 and perhaps even earlier and it is still the premier off-road motorcycle competition around the world today.

The sport has evolved several times over the years and the newest evolution was designed to meet the needs of today’s motorcyclists. The NEPG is the promotional partner of the AMA National Enduro Championship Series and will work with clubs to build awareness and increase ridership at Enduro’s. Our goal is to make sure that