Brian Deegan Pays Respect to Troops

Oceanside, CA - In awareness of Motorcycle Safety week for the United States Marine Corp. “The General” Brian Deegan and the Metal Mulisha made a special visit to Camp Pendleton in support of our troops. In the backdrop Military Helicopters flew by and American Troops lined the streets as the guys of the Metal Mulisha soared through the air for the much anticipated Freestyle Demo. Marines interviewed Brian Deegan on the importance of motorcycle safety:

Marine: How important is motorcycle safety?
Deegan: “Super important if you want to live a long and normal life!” 

Marine: If there was one thing you could tell a marine to be safe on a motorcycle, what would that be?
Deegan: “Know your limits.”

“I’ve always been a fan of the military, it means a lot to us. I’ve always said, the most hardcore guys are not FMX riders, the real hardcore guys are the Military.”
- Brian Deegan

Promoting motorcycle safety is something that is very important to Brian Deegan and the Metal Mulisha. After a recent tragedy in the Metal Mulisha family, Deegan understands firsthand the importance of rider safety. Although fans lined the streets to get an autograph of Deegan and the Metal Mulisha, the true fans are the Americans that support our troops.