A Year in MX: Season Two

Hello, my name is David Bulmer and this year I’ll be running (jogging) a lap of each AMA Pro National track for the RiderDown Foundation and the Wings for Life charity. Two years ago I drove to each round in a 20-year-old motorhome, documenting my trip on the website: ayearinmx.com. I had such a good time that I just had to come back and do it again, but much bigger and much better.

Realizing how lucky I was to be doing this adventure again, I started thinking about how else my trip could benefit others – which is when I came up with the idea of running a lap around each track. No one else has done it before, and just making it around will be an achievement in itself.

Getting involved with these specific charities was the next logical step as I know quite a few people who have been seriously injured while riding, especially damaging the spinal cord, leaving them paralyzed. It is therefore my aim to raise as much money as possible for RiderDown Foundation and Wings for Life, so that in the future, these accidents won’t have such a devastating impact on people’s lives.

I am now asking YOU, participants of the motocross industry, to sponsor my laps around each track and in doing so support two amazing charities. All donations are greatly appreciated so please go to this address: www.ayearinmx.com/09/keepontrack.html and follow the PayPal link.

See you at the races,

David Bulmer