A Plea for Legal Help in New York

Jeff Briggs-Austin sent us this unsettling note about the legal battle his father, the highly-respected and longtime fast local pro Brian Austin, has been going through over his right to rode on his own property:

I am writing this I desperately need some legal help from a lawyer that is also a motorcycle enthusiast. I have been battling the town of Chili,NY for about 9 years now. I have won some major victories at a great lost to me and my family. A few of my tracks have helped out also. The town is once again coming after me. They are trying to make me either pay them 5k-25k or make me not ride on my 56 acres for 2 years. I will be honest they have taken all my savings and I sold my motorcycle to pay lawyer bills. My wife and I are also working 55+ hours a week. I’m at a point where my lawyers don’t want to fight for me anymore because I am literally out of money. I do have a chance to appeal the latest State Supreme Court decision. I was very misrepresented by my lawyers and they don’t seem to care about making it right. I believe with someone who cares about OUR rights as motorcyclist we could beat this town in the battle were in. Time is critical in this situation. I am Begging for someone to step forward and help out. I have given up everything I can and the town knows I am out of cash. Please Please help.


The Austin Family

If you can help Brian Austin, email us for his contact info: Letters@racerxonline.com