Maddison Returns to Arc de Triomphe

As the world rang in 2009 on the evening of December 31, 2008, freestyle motocross star Robbie Maddison was making history and leaving millions of people bursting in excitement when he defied the laws of physics and the pushed the limits of reality by jumping on and off the 96-foot replica of the Arc de Triomphe at Paris Las Vegas on a motorcycle.

Just one year prior in Sin City, the Australian native made headlines when he completed the longest recorded jump in history at 322 feet, 7 inches. After his record-setting accomplishment, many thought the amount of astonishing things that a man could do on a dirt bike had been reached. However, Maddison raised the bar he set even higher when he presented arguably the most mind boggling and death defying stunt ever conceived.

Just over four months later, Thor Motocross took Maddo back to the site of his infamous jump to reflect on his mental and physical preparations for something that could easily have cost him his life. As the newest member of the Thor/Parts Unlimited family, the most recognizable name in motocross apparel wanted to welcome Robbie to the team and developed an in-depth look into his life to commemorate the occasion.

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Special thanks to Vurb Moto and Garth Milan for their contributions.