Nitro Circus Announces New Live Arena Show

Nitro Circus and Global Action Sports today announced the formation of a new company, Nitro Circus Live, a partnership between the two companies to promote a new live arena show, which will tour worldwide beginning in 2010.

The Nitro Circus brand founded by Travis Pastrana, Gregg Godfrey and Jeremy Rawle has enjoyed a rapid rise to global popularity, started by the innovative DVD series featuring Travis and friends performing outrageous stunts and on a range of crazy contraptions.

In 2009, they partnered with MTV to create a new smash hit TV series produced by Godfrey Entertainment and Dickhouse productions.

The TV show will be aired to more than one billion homes worldwide in 2009 on MTV and has already broken ratings records in the USA, where it premiered earlier this year.

Headlining the new live tour will be nine time X Games gold medalist Travis Pastrana, the Nitro Circus crew and a host of other action sports stars.

The show itself will be a fully choreographed action sports extravaganza, with the best tricks on the planet combined with mind-blowing stunts as only the Nitro Circus crewknow how.

All of this will be performed on a never before seen, purpose built, multi-million dollar stage and set.

Global Action Sports (GAS) will be the managing partners of the new venture, and will be responsible for the creation, promotion and funding of the touring company.

GAS are the worldwide promoters of the hugely successful Crusty Demons live shows, along with Super X: The Australasian Supercross Championship, which they own in partnership with world Supercross champion Chad Reed.

“I can’t tell you how pleased we are to have joined forces with Travis, Gregg and Jeremy from Nitro Circus,” said Global Action Sports CEO, Mike Porra.

“The brand is on its way to becoming a global youth powerhouse and the energy and creativity coming from these guys is phenomenal.”

Greg Godfrey added, “Nitro Circus is all about pushing yourself beyond your limits, and that’s what you’ll see at the live shows….great athletes and some total lunatics, going way out there to please the fans.”

Porra went on to explain that the concept was much more than a live version of the TV show. “There will be characters and themes from the TV show, but the live show concept will be created from the ground up, as the most exciting and jaw dropping experience you can have inside an arena.”

“It is our ambition to create the ’Cirque Du Soleil’ of action sports, which tours the world all year round. We believe Nitro Circus Live will transcend cultural boundaries, and like ‘Cirque’, it will be simply spectacular.”

The global premiere of the Nitro Circus World Tour will be the five Australian capital cities in May and June 2010, followed by Europe later that year.

Nitro Circus Live was brought together by Wasserman Media Group who also represent Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Circus brand.

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