Bike Needed for Privateer to Race Glen Helen

We received this email from the mother of privateer racer Jacob Morrison today.

My son #94 Jacob Morrison is entered for Glen Helen next weekend, as well as Hangtown. He had bike problems and the truck that was bringing his bike is leaving Monday.

There is no way the bike will be fixed by then. I was wondering if you can ask people if anybody would let him use their bike for the race on Saturday. It has to pass tech inspection and the sound test. Also please note that the bike needs to be at the race since we have no way to transport it, and that we are unable to give anything in return.

If it’s a Yamaha we will bring are own suspension and pipe. Most importantly we’re looking for a 450F. If he finds a bike to ride he will fly out there. If not he’ll be sitting home watching. If anybody is interested, please email me at BLEES61@AOL.COM.

Thank you.
Bonnie Smith