Nico Izzi: Raw and Uncut

Nico Izzi was just a few corners away from the end of a successful supercross season when disaster struck. Nico suffered a nasty broken heel after hitting neutral on the last triple and will be on the sidelined for the summer because of it. Vurb Moto decided to check up on him.

So take us back to the crash man, what happened!?
Oh bro you don’t even want to know. It was like a nightmare! Your bike hits neutral on the face of a double, I mean come on, get real? Well this is what happened, last lap, last big triple on the track, I pretty much had third wrapped up with Stroupe behind me and I was just kind of cruising along with the finish line literally three turns away. Well, we were hitting that triple in second gear and I came out of that left hander and my bike jumped from second gear to first gear really quick and it stayed in first gear for about ten feet and then it hit neutral just as my front wheel was taking off of the lip. 

So what goes through your head at that point?
Oh man, well you don’t even know what to think. Obviously you know your going to crash and you’re hoping you don’t blow your femur through your head. I don’t know if I would have made it any further on my feet. I think I would have been ok because I’ve crashed pretty gnarly before. That triple was just oversized. I mean we were seat bouncing it just trying to get over it. The first thought I had was, “Dude, I’m done,” you know what I mean? There’s not much you can do except for try to land on your feet because if you land on your head or back you could die. I just tried to get off the bike clean but I caught my foot on the bar and that’s what kind of put me off balance. I had to kind of push of the bike twice and that’s what had me putting all my weight on that right foot when I landed. I remember being really high in the air then collapsing and I remember my foot hurt, but all I could hear was Stroupe in the air wide open. I didn’t really know where I was on the landing so I ducked down thinking I was going to get hit and after he cleared me I went to run off and when I did I put all of my weight on the shattered heal and it just gave out. I kind of fell and ended up on a tuff block. I knew instantly it was broke, you know? I didn’t know it was this bad though. I felt the blood in the bottom of my boot because the impact was so hard it blew a hole in the bottom of my foot.

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