FMF/DVS Promo Offer

FMF, the #1 selling aftermarket exhaust company in the world, has joined forces with DVS to bring together the ultimate package for FMF riders. FMF has a long heritage in the grass roots of our sport and always puts back as much effort as possible to the amateur racer. Every FMF support rider will now have the opportunity to join up with DVS for a one time exclusive offer.

"FMF travels to over 100 events a year and co-branding ourselves with great company's like DVS who are showing interest in the Amateur racing scene makes my job that much more fun" states Donny Emler Jr. who heads up FMF's Marketing department. "DVS has been working with FMF for a few years now and has started to brand a couple of up and coming FMF riders”.

“We have seen the effort these families are making and it feels good to be able to help out the MX community as much as possible" stated Dano Legere, DVS shoes Moto Team Manager.

This one time offer is for FMF athletes only.