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What do you think about the prices of bikes nowadays? It seems every year they come out with more expensive bikes just to see how much we will actually pay for a new bike. I think it’s a step in the wrong direction for our sport. Shouldn’t they be making them more affordable for the less than serious crowd so we can grow our sport? By the way, nice job with the Troy Lee Designs team this year, I think your guys turned some heads. Keep up the good work!

  • The 2010 CRF250. You saw it here first.
Dear ?,

Thanks for the compliment on the team. We have some really cool things coming together right now and I’m excited about the future of TLD Racing. Yes, the price of bikes has gotten to be pretty outrageous. But you have to put things into perspective a little bit. Look at what a new top-level mountain bike costs you if you walk into a dealership and pay retail. You better bring some lube with you and I don’t mean for the chain. At least there’s a motor on the bikes at a motocross shop. It seems like this type of thing is cyclical too. Mobile phones were expensive when they first came out. Remember the ones that looked like a cinder block? And then they got cheaper as technology got better and now they’re back to being $500 for an iPhone. Sure, a brand new 450 will put your wallet on a serious diet but you can buy a 2-stroke pretty cheap still. Hopefully more people will see that as an option because they are still really fun bikes and perfect for weekend warriors. It does seem like there has to be a price ceiling for MX bikes. Are people really going to pay more than ten grand for a dirt bike? Who can afford that!? That might be the time I hang up the boots and spend more time surfing or playing tennis.



What the hell was going on with ticket sales in Vegas? I heard that the event was sold out but still managed to get some tickets from a friend in the industry. But when I went to find a seat there weren’t any. My wife and I stood for most of the show until we finally found a spot stuffed into a corner where we couldn’t really see the racing. It put a black cloud over an otherwise great night of racing.

Chuck L.


  • Is that you standing in the corner, Chuck. Sit down and enjoy the show, man.
Dear Chuck,

You might be getting old, my friend. I say that as a guy who is also getting old. You know, I went to a Kenny Chesney concert last summer with my wife. We thought it would be a mellow country concert and we could relax and enjoy ourselves. Approximately 20,000 drunken San Diego natives had other plans. We had people smoking dope to the right of us and a belligerent, middle-aged couple dry-humping each other to the left of us. Nobody ever sat down and, frankly, the concert was so loud we both got headaches and left about halfway through the set. I think our timing was perfect because the couple to our left started picking up speed and I was concerned that his Wranglers were going to burst into flames. My point is that sometimes watching an event from the comfort of your own home beats fighting the crowds in the arenas. I’m sure the guys at Feld want to punch me in the mouth for saying that but that is the way I feel. I almost wish I could have stayed home and just called in lap times to my mechanics on my cell phone. If you like the live version then I suggest getting to your seats much earlier. By 6:30 last weekend the crowds were clamoring to claim a seat. I haven’t seen a mob of people that desperate since the last Rock Of Love tryouts. Better luck next year, Chuck.