Shock Doctor/KTM GNCC Team Race Report

Lafayette, TN – Shock Doctor/KTM XC-2 Lites rider Kailub Russell won his class and took an impressive 3rd overall for the day at the 6th round of the GNCC Series.

The 6th round was another mud fest for the riders. It started raining Friday and never stopped the whole weekend. The pro class was actually reduced to two hours instead of three due to poor course conditions.

Russell pulled the holeshot in his class and never looked back. He led the whole race from start to finish. His teammate Cory Buttrick fell in the second turn of the race and had to start from dead last. Buttrick had great speed through the mud and was able to put in a remarkable charge through the pack to finish 3rd overall for the day.

In the XC-1 class teammates Kurt Caselli and Nate Kanney both had bad starts. Fortunately, both riders were quick through the mud and they made up time quickly. At the half way point Kanney was sitting in 5th place while Caselli was in 8th. Unfortunately, Kanney encountered a mechanical problem shortly after which cost him a lot of time. He eventually finished in 11th position. Caselli had a few struggles in the mud, getting stuck once and crashing another time but he still managed to pick off a few more riders and finish 6th overall.

Next Race: Round 7 – Somerset, PA May 16-17, 2009

Overall Results XC-1 Class –

  1. Paul Whibley
  2. Jimmy Jarrett
  3. Charles Mullins
  4. Joshua Strang
  5. Barry Hawk
  6. Kurt Caselli – KTM
  7. Jason Raines
  8. Glenn Kearney
  9. Thaddeus Duvall
  10. Jesse Robinson
  11. Nate Kanney – KTM
  12. Kenneth Gilbert
  13. Ryan Gainey
  14. Mike Brown – KTM
  15. Dustin Gibson

Overall Points XC-1 Class –

  1. Paul Whibley – 145
  2. Charles Mullins – 136
  3. Joshua Strang – 135
  4. Jimmy Jarrett – 108
  5. Nate Kanney – 106

Overall Results XC-2 Class –

  1. Kailub Russell – KTM
  2. Scott Watkins
  3. Cory Buttrick – KTM
  4. Jason Thomas
  5. Jake Korn – KTM
  6. Robert Santheson
  7. Josh Weisenfels
  8. Brian Lawson
  9. Andrew Matusek
  10. Eric Bailey – KTM
  11. Johnathan Woodford
  12. Mat Herrington

Overall Points XC-2 Class –

  1. Kailub Russell – 166
  2. Cory Buttrick – 133
  3. Scott Watkins – 121
  4. Jason Thomas – 115
  5. Andrew Matusek – 94