Leighton Lillie Ride Day @ Cornerstone MX

I'm proud to announce that with the help of Cornerstone MX, Team  Faith's Kevin Johnson, April Sutton and others, we will be hosting a  benefit Ride Day on Saturday May 9th for injured AMA professional rider and friend Leighton Lillie. For those that don't  know Leighton Lillie or his story....

On Saturday February 7th  Leighton Lillie had a bad crash at the Tulsa, OK AMA National  Arenacross race. He was going for the triple in the rhythm section and  had to jump off his bike mid air. He came down feet first and landed  hard on his butt. Immediately he had no feeling in his lower extremities.

He was rushed to the Hospital to find out that  Leighton fractured his T6 and T7 in his spine. He had back surgery a  few days after the accident where they inserted 2 rods and 11 pins in  his back.

He has now been transferred to Craig's Hospital in  Denver, CO. and is ready to get going on walking again.

The Ride Day event will include a raffle, a auction for jerseys from top pros, food and more. The track will be open for regular scheduled  practice so everyone come on out!

-Track opens at 10am,  regular open practice until 7pm -Raffle and auctions will begin  around 12pm

Visit Leighton's website @ http://www.leightonlillie.com/

Any help, money donations, or donations of items for  the raffle would be greatly appreciated!

It is going  to be a blast so please come enjoy the fun and help raise money for an  amazing guy on his road to recovery. Thank you!