5 Minutes with... Wil Hahn

April 29, 2009 10:24am | by:

Taking a podium with his second place at the final round of the 2009 Monster Energy AMA Supercross East Coast Lites was a big achievement for Muscle Milk MDK KTM’s Wil Hahn.  And it was this podium, coupled with his steady improvements throughout the series that earned him fifth overall in the Championship.  With the Dave Coombs Sr. East/West Lites Shootout a few days away, along with the upcoming Lucas Oil AMA Motocross Championships just a few weeks away, we thought this an ideal time to track down the 19 year old who is originally from Kansas.  

  • Hahn was all smiles after his podium in Jacksonville
Racer X: Wil; 2009 Supercross seemed to go pretty well for you with your fifth overall in the East Coast series.
Wil Hahn: Well, it was really a rollercoaster ride for sure.  But I felt that I improved every weekend, and I finished top five overall. That was the goal, so I’m happy.  I’m ready for Vegas this weekend, and then we go outdoors.  I’m ready to race, and I’m strong right now so I cannot wait!

I forgot, you also took your first Supercross podium this season.
Yes, that was amazing for sure. It was a stepping stone for me, but as I said, the big thing was that I improved every weekend. It was good to see that all the hard work paid off.

In spite of Supercross and Motocross being somewhat different, does the podium in Jacksonville, coupled with your improvements throughout the series give you confidence for the outdoors?
Oh yeah, for sure it does!  Just running up front was pretty new to me, and the feeling was unbelievable. It was just a taste, and now it’s all that I want.

Is testing for motocross been what you have been doing since supercross ended?
Yes, but first I went home for a week to relax and hang out with my parents and just have some time off.  I then spent the next week outdoor testing before spending time at my trainer’s house.  Since then it’s just been getting ready and focusing on Vegas and finishing up strong there.  Then I will use the next two weeks to really get dialed in for Glen Helen.

  • Wil is optimistic about the upcoming outdoor season
How are you feeling about your bike right now?
It’s just unbelievable how good it is right now. I am very, very happy with my bike. I already have tested more than I ever have in the past.  It’s truly awesome trying more parts, and seeing how they can make a difference. Just dialing it in the best that you can is a great feeling.

I would imagine that with your new teammate Tommy Searle not racing Supercross that he has been able to do a lot of testing for outdoors.
Yes, he has. Tommy is a great rider and has spent a good deal of time getting the bike dialed in for us as well as for him in his first AMA Motocross series.

Generally the MDK Muscle Milk KTM team seems to be pretty strong, how do you see the entire team doing?
We do have a solid team, Jim. We all work very hard, and I don’t see any reason why all of us should not be top ten every weekend.

Is there much inter-team rivalry within the orange squad?
Yeah, but it’s really just more of a pride thing. Everyone kind of does their own thing.  But I can say that Ryan Sipes is the worst one. He thinks that he can beat me in UNO, Basketball, Road-biking, racing, etc., but you know that’s not true. Haha, love ya Ryan. Oh yeah, I own Ryan on a 110!

Switching back to yourself Wil, what is your expectation for Motocross?
I feel that my expectations are realistic. I’m just going to be a solid top ten guy every weekend.  If I start out top ten and get stronger every time that I am out there, I’ll be happy with that. Just be solid and be in it every moto.

Wrapping up, who do you want to thank?
I definitely want to thank the entire Muscle Milk MDK KTM Team. All of our sponsors are truly great!  Also thanks to DVS Shoes, my mechanic Brian, and my parents.  I’d like to also mention Sandy and Robert, Fed and A.G., Dr. Corey King, Chubbster at Kustom Tattooz, and everyone else – thank you so much!