Toyota/Racer X Power Rankings: Week 15

1. James Stewart: Despite his “unbeaten when he doesn’t crash” streak being broken in Seattle, James Stewart finished second and took over the points lead.
2. Chad Reed: Second in points, Reed had his worst race of the year in Seattle.
3. Ryan Villopoto: The biggest mover of the week, last week Villopoto was 17th, and this week he’s third. Winning a main event after returning from not racing for weeks will do that.
4. Josh Grant: Josh Grant jumped up a spot to fourth.
5. Ryan Dungey: After two months away from racing, Dungey’s convincing win at the resumption of the Lites West moved him from seventh to fifth.
6. Andrew Short: Shorty fell from third to sixth this week, even though his results were normal in Seattle.
7. Kevin Windham: Windham dropped a spot from sixth to seventh with a fall during the race that landed him 10th.
8. Mike Alessi: Setting fastest lap of the Seattle main, Mike Alessi moved up a spot from ninth to eighth after his fourth-place finish.
9. Davi Millsaps: With his podium finish, Millsaps moved up from 13th to ninth.
10. Jake Weimer: Weimer remains 10th with his come-from-behind fourth-place ride in Seattle.
11. Ivan Tedesco: After winning his heat race in Seattle, Tedesco moved from 12th to 11th.
12. Christophe Pourcel: Last week, Christophe Pourcel was fourth. Now, he’s 12th. Nothing changed except that his series is over.
13. Austin Stroupe: Likewise, Austin Stroupe dropped from eighth to 13th.
14. Ryan Morais: After his runner-up ride in Seattle, Ryan Morais moved up from 20th to 14th.
15. Trey Canard: A podium finished bumped Canard from 23rd to 15th.
16. Josh Hill: Hurting his ankle while running before Seattle kept Hilly from racing, and he fell from 11th to 16th.
17. Blake Wharton: Wharton fell one spot with his series over.
18. Nico Izzi: Despite an injury that will keep him out for a while, Izzi only fell from 14th to 18th.
19. Broc Hepler: Hepler crashed out of Seattle on press day and fell one spot to 19th.
20. Jason Lawrence: Despite being suspended for the remainder of the SX season, Lawrence only fell from 15th to 20th.
21. Timmy Ferry: With Steve Matthes apparently voting in this week’s power rankings, injured Timmy Ferry re-emerged in the power rankings after being unranked previously.
22. Heath Voss: Voss has been a consistent main-event competitor all year, and he re-appeared on the power rankings this week.
23. Paul Carpenter: Carpenter’s eighth-place finish popped him back up on the power rankings this week.
24. Ryan Sipes: Despite injuring himself in Seattle, Sipes moved back onto the power rankings this week.
25. Justin Brayton: Brayton fell one spot from 24th to 25th.