BRAKING Announces Oversized Rotor Giveaway

Celebrating 70 World Championships with the latest being Christophe Pourcel’s in the SX Lites East division, Braking is giving you the opportunity to win a FREE Batfly 270mm Oversized Rotor Kit by simply signing up via the online entry form

Simply click on the link and fill out the registration form for your chance to win this rotor kit which includes the oversized front rotor, caliper relocation bracket & a set of CM46 sintered Braking brake pads. 

This is the same rotor that just last year helped Chad Reed and Jason Lawrence win SX Titles and is on the 2009 San Manuel Yamaha YZ450F of James Stewart as he chases down the 09 SX title this year in what is turning out to be one of the best championship battles in recent memory. 

With incredible improvement in stopping power, brake feeling and overall handling, BRAKING’s 270mm Batfly rotor is a must for any serious racer or rider wanting to cut down on lap times and get an extra edge on their competition.