EKS(X) Brand Goggles Weigand Secures Second

EKS(X) Brand goggles would like to congratulate Team JCR Honda’s Timmy Weigand on his incredible showing at round four of the WORCS off-road series. Weigand, wearing our GOKS  Liquid goggle, endured the grueling conditions of the California desert to not only get second but he led the majority of the race as well. Weigand didn’t get a drop of sweat in his eyes due to our 100-PPI "reticulated" vent foam which allows the ultimate in airflow while keeping the dust and debris out. This special vent foam is designed to allow moisture and condensation to escape freely.

Right now, Weigand sits third in the WORCS series and is establishing himself as one of the top off-road racers in the country.

We would also like to congratulate Timmy on his recent win at Western Hare Scrambles race and with EKS(X) Brand goggles on, the sky’s the limit!

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EKS(X) Brand Goggle is a product of over 25 years of eyewear experience. The world-class design of the GOX goggle has all of the necessary features that a high-end goggle requires to keep you seeing your way clear to the finish line.