Fly Racing On Podium At MX-3 World Championships

Sven Breugelmans and Patrick Roos from the Pater KTM MX Team scored good results at the first round of the World Championship Series MX3 in Hawkstone Park, Great Britain. In the first moto the duo dominated the race and eventually Sven won just in front of Patrick. In the second moto both riders had a more difficult race. Sven was racing in 5th place for a long time but fell back to 7th place because he had some pain in his wrist. Patrick could not get the right rhythm and finished in 8th place. With these results Sven got 3rd place and Patrick got 5th place in the day totals.

    The Saturday started very well for the Pater KTM Team. The free practice session went very good and in the time practice both riders showed that they had to potential to score good points on Sunday. Patrick ended the session in 5th place and Sven went back to the paddock with an 8th place.

    In the first moto both riders had a very good start. Sven came out of the first corner in 2nd place and Patrick was not far behind with 5th place. Sven was soon racing in 1st place and Patrick was able to get to 2nd place. Both riders ran away from the rest of the field and eventually Sven remained cool and won the moto in front of Patrick.

    In the second moto both riders did not had a good start. Sven was racing in 6th place after the first lap and Patrick started the race in 15th place. Sven got a hold of 5th place and was able to keep it for a long time. Patrick did his best as well but because he kept making small mistakes it took longer for him to get to the front of the race than he had hoped. Sven had to lower his pace after a while because he began to have some pain in his wrist. With a very painful face he rode his Pater KTM to seventh position in the second moto. Patrick Roos finished in 8th place in the second moto.

    Sven Breugelmans finished 3rd overall and Patrick Roos ended the day in 5th place. Next Sunday the World Championship Series will continue in Talavera de la Reina in Spain.

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