Rev Up: City of Rock

April 16, 2009 12:15pm | by:

Okay, who's ready for some more? It's time to get back to the times of high adventure and drama with the 2009 Monster Energy Supercross series. It's been a series that has grown into an animal we very rarely get to see. She came out swinging at the Anaheim 1 mad house that saw Stewart finish 18th, Josh Grant win, and a bombshell explode with the West Coast Lites title fight. Boom! Right there everyone in the house knew we were in for a treat. It's been more than a treat. More like a grand buffet of packed houses, wild main events, and (ding, ding ding) title fights. 

We have a live one on our hands, folks. With three rounds to go we're gonna take it to Seattle, the birthplace of a left-handed genius named Jimi Hendrix. The city is the mothering nucleus of some of the most inspirational music the world has ever known. When I realize that the series, this series, is arriving at Seattle with 5-points separating the two front runners it makes me hear music. Rock music. I hear Layne Staley's pipes howling. I hear Kurt Cobain's guitar squealing, and believe you me the wind will cry "Mary" this Saturday night. 

Three rounds to go, doctor. Put up the bench racing. Get ready to witness reality. What reality? The championship. The series concludes in Vegas but there's something in the way. Every lap from this point on can decide who gets the #1 plate. Mother of nature is cooperating in more ways than one. Let's get in bloom, get the shoulders back and Rev this Foxy Lady for all she's worth.


  • Dungey holds a narrow points lead with two rounds to go
  • Weimer has been one of the biggest surprises of 2009
  • Can the 2008 East Coast Champ pull one out?
  • Brayton and Morais have both spent time in the spotlight this year
The West Coast Lites guys have it really rough. They have to be prepared first, then they have a two-month break that has to twist the minds of the riders. Especially the ones with the #1 plate breathing down their back. Rockstar/Suzuki's Ryan Dungey and Monster Energy Pro Circuit's Jake Weimer have thought about how to tackle these next two races every day and night since the checkered flag flew in Houston back in February. True to form, both riders have had ups and downs, crashes, bad starts, and off-nights. Between now and Salt Lake City, they have to put down 30 laps devoid of that action if they want the championship. 

There has been some great racing with this bunch other than the two front runners. Weimer's teammate Ryan Morais has been solid and will be a man they'll have to contend with if they want to win. GEICO Honda's Trey Canard is a sleeping giant that might me ready to awake from hibernation and do some eating. Much should be made of guys already turning their heads to the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship. Who knows how much a kid like Canard will wager on these last two indoor races? Usually with a racer, when you put a gate in front of him it's time to race. 

Other guys like KTM's Justin Brayton and Troy Lee Design Honda's Chris Blose rode solid all season and still have something to prove. Don't forget about rookie PJ Larsen either. Things might have been overwhelming for him starting at the Big A, but I think he'll come out of this break ready to raise eyebrows. 

There will be a lot of guys racing for their jobs in 2010. They can feel the Purple Haze of the end of the season. Not many guarantees in this sport. Only one – get on the podium and you'll get a ride.


  • 60 laps to go...
  • Andrew Short is firmly planted third in the standings
  • A lot of people look up to Windham
  • And then there's the dark horse on the white bike.
I told you guys it was going to get ugly with Reed and Stewart. The plight of the supercross championship is a gnarly crucible that can bring out the best and worst from the hopefuls. Both champions are feeling the heat, and now we've seen practice skirmishes, brake checks, and face-to-face confrontation. Both of those guys are animals and nobody in the world wants to win more than them. With three rounds to go they have to dance to a different tune. Winning is one thing, but if they can't win they have to finish in front of the other. The final 60 laps of this championship determine where #1 and #7 finish. 

Of course there are more stories, statistics, and riders that deserve their names mentioned, but enough with the bench racing. This one's about the supercross this Saturday night in Seattle, Washington.

The great Grunge music movement had the world in its clutches when I was in high school. Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and Nirvana streamed from the speakers in my car throughout those awkward and wonderful years. I've always loved Jimi too. It all came from Seattle. That said, I'm making my first visit to the Space Needle because of the current state of the supercross series. I've wanted to go a dozen times, but I realized that this is the year to do it. I love it when things come together like this. 

Personal stoke aside, every single dirt bike fan in the world should be salivating for this race. It looks like the rain is going to stay away and there should be a huge crowd to take in the spectacle. So many amazing things have manifested from the host city of this week's race. Seattle is the city of rock and this Saturday night she has all the tools she needs to produce something magical in our little world of supercross.

Thanks for reading, see you next week.