Privateer Profile: Jimmy Albertson


Troy Lee Designs Honda’s Jimmy Albertson has been missing from the action in 2009. As a matter of fact, I’ve gotten some emails from readers wondering what happened to the friendly Missourian who last year got picked to ride a factory Honda at the last few nationals. Well don’t worry the man is alive and well and will be making his return to racing this weekend in Seattle. I caught up with Top Jimmy as he was making his way to the Honda track for SX practice.

  • Jimmy Albertson
Racer X: Jimmy, the people need to have their Jimmy Albertson information. What have you been up to all year?
Jimmy Albertson:  Well, let’s see the week before Anaheim I got wrist surgery. I had wrist problems all summer really and I guess they weren’t going away. It got to the point where it was really bad and I went to the doctor to try and get an MRI. When I went there, he got me an X-ray first and it ended up being a broken navicular. It was bad, all the way through and was going to require surgery. I asked the doctor how long it had been broken and he figured five months or so and I’ve just been toughing it out. It got worse and worse and two days later I went in and had surgery on it.

I was pretty bummed for sure and knew I’d miss the first six rounds or whatever. Things like that happen to you and you just have to work your way through it and deal with it. Now I’m ready to race this weekend in Seattle and want to show everybody what I got. Before the season I felt really good and felt like I was going to break out in supercross and have a good year.

So you’re going to do the last three for Troy Lee and then what do you have planned for the outdoors?
Yeah not sure yet, I don’t know what class I’m riding actually. I have a couple of things on the go and have to figure it out before the season ends. The offers are okay, and they are from some established teams and ones that are starting up also. Shoot, I don’t know I might be with Troy Lee at the first three riding a 250F. They aren’t doing the whole series, just the first three and it’s a shame they can’t race all of them because I really like Troy and everybody is great over there. I just don’t think the money is there to do all of them this year.

I’m definitely looking for a ride for the outdoors. You can put that out there!

I’m wondering who tells you about their glory days more, your agent Denny Stephenson or your team manager, Ping?
Gosh, I don’t know really. Probably Ping because when we’re out at the supercross track and we’re all talking crap, he’ll bust out a “Hey, when you win four supercrosses, you can do it your way.” Denny never really brings it up; I think he’s a little modest about what he’s done.

  • Albertson is looking for a ride for the nationals
What is Ping like as a manager? Does he make you guys eat ice cream before the race?
He’s awesome, people definitely don’t realize that the team manager job is a hard one and he does it really well. He’s almost above a normal team manager because he comes out to the track with us and helps us out. He can help us with our riding and our schedules and he’s always available to help out with advice. I can call him anytime and ask him for some help and he can point me in the right direction. He’s been awesome for sure and is a great guy for the job. All the guys have been more than happy with the job he’s done.

Good luck at the races and I think you should shoot for a 450 ride, you seem to ride it pretty well.
Thanks, yeah I agree on the 450 thing. I like to ride them and I hope it works out. I got some leads and may be close with somebody for the 450. But if I have to ride 250F, I’ll do that do!