EKS Brand Supercross Special Coming to an End

Woodland Hills, CA – With the 2009 Supercross season coming to an exciting end, The EKS BRAND is wanting to remind you that once the season is over, the EKS BRAND Supercross special will no longer be in effect. With the EKS BRAND Supercross special you get a discount on all EKS BRAND products ordered online with the coupon code “CPEWEY2X“.

Now is the time to get your orders in so you can get a top of the line goggle at an affordable rate.

Please visit the www.eksbrand.com to view our full line of goggles and other accessories.


EKS Brand (pronounced as X Brand) was created by two of the most knowledgeable goggle guys around. With well over thirty years of eyewear experience Rich Taylor and his dad, Hook Taylor, have been testing, selling, and developing innovative high performance protective eyewear since the early 70’s. The Eks Brand goggle offers riders the chance to use the top of the line goggles at an affordable price. Eks Brand goggles are built by racers, for racers.