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  • The rider formerly known as Wharton
Hey Ping,

I was thinking about the nationals coming up and how pumped I am that there seems to be a legit battle for the top spot in both classes with a number of riders in contention. My question to you is whom do you think the top spot will go to in either class, and is Stewie, along with the rest of the supercross-only riders, actually going to make the series better racing by not being there? PS...Purple Rain is the best nickname I have heard in a long time....How long before we can call Blake 'the rider formerly known as' and give him some kickass symbol by troy lee!

love the column

Ocala Fl

Dear Scott,

Yeah, the nationals are shaping up to be pretty exciting. If you build a list of the contenders in either class it ends up being a pretty extensive collection of names. I wouldn’t count James out just yet… I hear that he might just do the first few and see how it’s going. And if he is dominating and having fun doing it, well, I would guess that he just keeps on racing. I’ve also heard that KW is going to race this summer. I’ve even heard that he might be thinking about racing a 250F! Of course I’ve also heard that Jamie Lee Curtis used to be a man and I believe that as well. With or without those guys it will be a good summer for the sport of motocross. I agree with you on Wharton’s new name. Purple Rain is pretty awesome. Let’s give that one some time to take and then we’ll have Troy draft up a killer symbol that is worthy of the hair.


Ping, I post on line with a bunch of desert riding know, guys who ride but don't know how to turn. Anyway, they keep referring to a "Homo-tank". Should I be offended, nervous or just continue wearing slip-on shoes?


    Dear Wrinkly,

    Your first concern should be figuring out a new nickname. Wrinkly is not the type of moniker that attracts women and, frankly, it’s a little creepy and unsettling for your male companions as well. Maybe that’s just the homophobe in me talking. I have absolutely no idea what a homo-tank is. A piece of poorly named military equipment? A holding cell for unruly prisoners with “alternative lifestyles?” Maybe you should just ask your dust-covered, cactus-busting pals what the hell they are talking about. That way you don’t have to be offended or nervous anymore. And you can continue wearing your slip-on shoes… so you have them.



    I have come to the conclusion that the number 101 is unlucky. Let's start with that guy who split his KTM in half a few years ago... He's a prime example. He showed talent his whole career, and even won a few supercross races, but they were in the 125 class so no one really cares. Then he loses the championship by a smaller number of points, than the number of balls I have! Talk about an unlucky SOB. If that's not enough to convince you, see my second sentence.

    Now in the current era we have Ben Townley: a fine specimen of consistency and good health... Yeah right. There are rumors of him calling it quits and heading back to Kiwi land.

    David Knight? He's one of the most successful Off-Road riders of the modern age. How can he be bad luck? I'll tell ya how he's bad luck, he's a blimey brit! Nuff' said...

    But this is where it gets really bad. Thousands of kids across the United States can't buy new bikes or parts for their bikes they already have because of the Consumer Product Safety Information Act. And what section of that law includes motorcycles and ATV's? You guessed it... section 101.

    I feel sorry for any sap that throws that number on their side panels. I'd say the
    only exception was in Ernee France 2005. But he could win wearing #69 if he wanted. Doesn't matter for him. I'd say you throw a lucky number, like 13 if Heath Voss doesn't mind, on your TLD honda and line up at Glen Helen. You might get that number 1 plate that has eluded you for SO long.

    With all the love,


    • 101 worked out for the guy on the right
    Dear Jwat381,

    I lost that championship by two points, which means that you have three (or more) testicles. Now THAT is unlucky. As far as the whole bike breaking in half thing, I can’t really argue with you; that was just bad luck. I’ll tell you Jwat, the reason I chose the number 101 to use after I quit racing was out of respect for current racers. I figured that riders worked their butts off for a top 100 number and I didn’t want to rip off one of those digits. So, I took the next number up. In the following years a list of guys used the number and had success with it. RC in France, as you mentioned, but also Townley, Searle and David Knight won plenty with the uno-zero-uno. And the “lead law” has already been staved off for a year which will hopefully give folks in Washington that have any common sense left enough time to fix the wording in the law.

    Now let’s get back to the real issue here. You have three testicles! Lot’s of coughing at the doctor’s office I suppose. Well, good luck with that.



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