ProFormers Training and Fitness Facility

ProFormers Training and Fitness Facility signs lease on new building located in NJ. This new facility will be open May 4 2009.  ProFormers primary focus is on personal training; they also will focus on athletes in traditional sports; football, baseball, basketball, softball, golf, hockey, lacrosse, etc.
"We are extremely excited to open this new location!  Our parent company, EfitnessAcademy (EFA) has been focusing on ‘Extreme’ sports and ‘Motorsports’ for over a decade.  Now will have the facilities and resources we didn't have before in the Northeast.  Our success in motorsports has been awesome, we have several national champions and top pro athletes un der our training umbrella.  This new center is opening new opportunities for us.   This new facility is allowing us to expand our reach into traditional sports” said Greg DiRenzo, President.  “Our athletes will be ready for their sport; they also will understand the practical application of injury prevention through the development of balance, spatial awareness, kinesthetic differentiation and rhythm. The methodologies taught will periodize each athlete for maximal performance in a atmosphere conducive for personal growth” added Will Schreiber, NSCA CPT, Director of Training.
Their philosophy is simple, help athletes and individuals excel and achieve their goals. Help the client reach his or her potential both physically and mentally, use cutting edge training techniques, c orrect instruction and utilizing proper equipment.  Their client list includes many elite and professional athletes as well as numerous others in their continued success from middle school through Division 1 and through the pros. Many of their athletes hold numerous state and national championships as well as athletes preparing for the NFL and MLB, current NFL and MLB players and other professional sports.  Clients also gain invaluable experience on how to structure their lives in a way that would allow individuals to achieve goals one only dreamed about. Clients experience how to truly maximize ones strengths and build on weaknesses as well as how to become strong physically and stronger mentally.
“Between myself and the other trainers we have played every sport on the planet, and at all levels.  My trainers have college degrees and are certified as well as have been top amateurs and pros in their sports, I feel our experience, expertise and credentials will surely prove our value to our clients.  We get results."  DiRenzo added.