MX GP of ITA Friday Prep

Faenza, Italy - Saturday March 27th, 2009: MX GP of Italy preparations

With less than 36hrs to go, we're getting ready to serve you LIVE MX GP action on for the first time in the history of the sport.

We set foot on Italian soil already on Thursday evening, as we wanted to be one of the first at the track to show you how the circus is getting ready for it's first big show of the year.

To get you all warmed up for the first MX GP that you'll be able to follow LIVE on the internet on Sunday, worldwide, we've produced the following clips:

Welcome to Faenza, Italy... Friday... everybody at work - mellow lifestyle video:

- KTM Press Presentation with interviews of Shaun Simpsons & Max Nagl:
- Interview with Suzuki rider Ken De Dycker:

We'll be back tonight with more footage, so stay tuned!

And don't forget, on Sunday you'll be able to follow the races LIVE here: