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    Hey Ping

    I know there is a difference between the U.S and other nations as far as American vs. metric. But what about the finish line flag? Pourcel, on at least 2 races, has kept going after the checkered flag. Is he that focused or is he waiting for another flag?

    Thank You,


    Dear Michael,

    Interesting observation, to be sure. As far as I know the checkered flag is universally understood to be the end of an event or race. Maybe he is just so focused he doesn’t notice the flag waving in front of him… and the massive pillars of fire that shoot up beside him and the penetrating voice of Irv Braun shouting his name and the upper half of Erin Bates as she jogs her way to the podium to interview him. Maybe somehow he doesn’t notice all that. Maybe he just likes to do a really fast victory lap? I’ll keep an eye on him for you.


    Dear Mr. Pingree,
    I seem to recall a few years ago you being involved in a MX vs. ATV real life scenario. I really do not recall the exact situation, or the outcome, but perhaps you could offer advice for my current dilemma. After spending the first 30 some years of my life in Illinois I have relocated to Northern Georgia/Southern Tennessee. This, as you might assume, has been quite a culture shock. I made a decision to stay in the MOTO closet due to the fact that every time I meet someone and they find out I ride, they immediately recite every single one of THEIR moto experiences since birth. I find this nauseating and intolerable. You can read my exact thoughts on this issue on page 13 of my soon to be released manifesto. While I was secretly scouring the Internet for tracks in the area some guy (we'll call him COUSIN EDDIE!) Walked in, viewed the content on my monitor and proceeded to tell me about his NITROS powered 4-wheeler. Now from the looks of his military tattoos and his overall demeanor I suspect he has spent many a night pleasuring himself to the latest issue of guns and ammo. I decide not to rile the natives and proceed to nod and smile at all his comments. UNTIL he tells me that a 450 four-stroke is too tame and any good 4-wheeler rider can
    blow away an mx-er on any track. My question, good sir, is do I arm myself and launch a full frontal assault or do I hide in the moto closet and surf moto only in the privacy of my own home?
      P.S. Cousin Eddie said that he was at a track one time and Travis Pastrana showed up. He said Travis was a dick, and that Travis's little sister was pretty fast on a dirt bike. Again I just nodded and grinned. Wonder if Travis knows he has a sister?

      Dear ?,

      I got labeled as a “quad hater” because I don’t think bikes and quads should be on the same track at the same time. It’s dangerous and annoying for participants of both sports. Quads run different lines than we do and they like the track flat and hard where we like it softer, rutted and bermed. That was all I was trying to say. What you’ve got out there in hillbilly land is a genuine moron. Not only is he loud and annoying, he’s also wrong. That’s a bad combination. I think Cousin Eddie has been uncorking the moonshine a little more often than he should. I advise you to back away from the idiot. Don’t engage him in conversation or try to validate any of your positions; facts and logic only confuse and infuriate these folks. Try to find a few other “real” motocross enthusiasts and band together. I also think it would be funny if you started talking to him like the guy in Sling Blade, if you can pull off that impersonation. Keep telling him you like “french fried potaters” every time he talks to you and see what he does.

      P.S.- Travis is probably the nicest guy you’ll ever meet, despite the constant hand-boner that is his upturned thumb. And, no, he doesn’t have a sister, just that Crazy Canuck Jolene Von Vugt that is loco enough to hang out with him.


      Dear Ping,

      What is this crap about 2 million acres of riding areas being shut down?! This came out of nowhere and before most of us even heard anything about it it’s already being signed into law! I’m not bashing one side of the isle here; personally I think both major parties are completely screwed up. But this left-wing madness is getting out of hand. Since this administration took over I’ve been blasted with bills and propositions to keep kids under sixteen off OHV’s completely, the youth OHV/Lead debacle and now this land closure insanity. What have we done?


      South Bend, IN

      Dear Robert,

      People were upset with me when I got all doomsday after the election. The simple fact is that the party that we elected doesn’t like OHV use on any land. They believe that they know what is better for you, the environment, our country and me and they’ll pass laws accordingly. And the scary thing is that they have the votes to do it. With one party in complete control of the House and the Senate they have absolute power to push any and all legislation through that they want. This land closure was voted on two weeks ago and defeated. They simply repackaged it, renamed it and passed it through on the second attempt. This will continue to happen until there is a shift of power and you can mark my words. No party should have as much control as the Democratic Party has right now; that’s my opinion. I heard they are even talking about tear-offs being as bad as six-pack plastic was to porpoises! The only thing we can do is continue to voice our disgust at the decisions being made in Washington. It will take some of your time but contacting your representative is the only voice you have.

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