Fastway Race Report GNCC Round 3

Amanda Mastin and Ashley Crouch proved to be two of the fastest women in Off-Road racing once again by starting the morning out strong. The girls had a great battle going but Amanda would take the win and Ashley would settle for second after getting stuck in the same mud hole twice.

The afternoon race would prove to be the roughest course yet and Fastway Rider Paul Whibley would struggle with suspension and bike set up, but still pull off an amazing 3rd Place Finish in the XC1 Class. In the XC2 Class Andrew Matusek grabbed the Holeshot and had an early lead but would fall victim to the rough conditions and still manage to finish with an impressive 3rd place.

Fastway Riders absolutely dominated the Open A Class with Jordan Ashburn talking 1st, Chris Bach 2nd, Matt Crouch 3rd, Cooper Bailey 4th and Justin Monsrud 5th. . In the 4Stroke A Lites class Fastway Riders Levi Clemens and Jake Fiddler would battle with each other throughout the race but Clemens would ultimately take the win and Fiddler would settle for a solid second. South Carolina phenomenon Steward Baylor would crush the 200A Class by over a lap while close friend and local NC resident Morgan Moss would battle for the B class win and finish barely a minute ahead of 2nd Place. An extra congratulation’s goes out to Jordan Ashburn, Levi Clemons, Steward Baylor, and Jake Fiddler for being the top amateurs of the day. Great Job Team! Thanks for giving it 110%  
-Brian Elliott Fastway Race Team Manager

1st Place Mandy Mastin Women
1st Place Jordan Ashburn Open A
1st Place Steward Baylor 200 A
1st Place Levi Clemens 4Stroke A Lites
1st Place Morgan Moss 250B

2nd Place Jake Fiddler 4Stroke A Lites
2nd Place Ashley Crouch Women
2nd Place Chris Bach Open A

3rd Place Rudy Austin Vet B +30
3rd Place Austin Shroyer
3rd Place Paul Whibley XC1
3rd Place Andrew Matusek XC2
3rd Place Matt Crouch Open A