Brett Downey Safety Foundation 1st Annual Safety Expo Race

The Brett Downey Safety Foundation is pleased to announce John Burr Cycles and Starwest Motocross Park have come together to help The Foundation launch the 1st Annual Safety Expo Race. This race will take place at Starwest on Saturday, April 4th, 2009.  Gates open at 7am, race fees are only $20 per class. All the race proceeds will be donated to The Foundation.
All safety equipment companies are invited to participate in the Safety Expo. We encourage the companies to come out and setup a booth to show their products and how to properly wear and use them. Riders will be able to see what type of safety equipment is available to them and ask questions. We feel that everything from wearing a neck brace, knee braces or even setting up your suspension correctly is a safety issue that can possibly prevent injuries. The companies that attend will not be charged for booth space. The Foundation believes safety starts with the riders and their education on what to buy and how to properly use it. So please join us to help make this great sport safer.

If you’re interested in setting up a booth or need additional info contact Kenny Morris