49 Minutes, 17 Seconds with Tim Ferry


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Me-So what’s going on Red, you had some heel surgery and last I heard there was no surgery needed. What’s up with that?
 Tim Ferry- Well it wasn’t really needed, I got about six opinions at least and it was a split decision. Some of the guys thought it could heal a little better with surgery so that’s why I did it. It’s going to heal up faster and they put some screws and a plate in it.

Yeah, I was going to ask how they do that to a heel?
It’s actually more common than I thought, they have this little custom plate shaped like a heel and some screws. There’s different size plates for different people, it’s just like a arm or a leg I guess. I went ahead and got the surgery. The docs thought that it would heal fine on its own but later on I could’ve had some problems with my Achilles so we just did it.

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