Malcolm Smith's Ban Defiance In USA Today

Malcolm Smith, one of the motorcycle industry's all-time most influential men, has made national news with his defiant sale of banned minicycles and ATVs that will take place later this afternoon at his dealership in Riverside, California.  USA Today, the national daily newspaper, picked up on the sale at Malcolm's dealership with a feature in today's edition.

"Since taking effect Feb. 10, the law passed has made it illegal to sell off-road vehicles and accessories — including used vehicles and replacement parts — aimed at children 12 and younger because of small amounts of lead in alloys used in parts of the vehicles," the article reads. "Smith says he is prohibited even from selling helmets and other safety gear aimed at youth."

Here's the full text: 

Smith is a 10-time Baja winner, as well as an eight-time ISDT gold medal winner. He was also the star of the movie On Any Sunday.