DNA Energy Drink/BTO Sports.com/BBMX Do Kinda Good in N’awlins

New Orleans, LA - The AMA Supercross tour rolled into the Big Easy this weekend and with that, I’m already out of New Orleans slang terms. The DNA Energy Drink/BTO Sports.com/BBMX team experienced everything a team could this weekend. The emotional lifts of Jason “Baby Smurf” Thomas and Bryan “Don” Johnson in the 250 main to Shaun “Mr” Skinner being in qualifying position in the 450 heat race are examples of why we go racing.

The crushing lows were Johnson crashing in the main and his bike taking 1,269 kicks to restart, Kyle “I’m not Kenny” Keylon crashing in the first turn and not qualifying, Skinner missing the main event by one spot (although he did get the Racer X gas card for his troubles) and Thomas’ motor letting go when he reached the second turn in the main. Last week his throttle broke in the first turn and this week he made the second turn, so next week we are shooting for the at least the fourth turn! Hey, a team can dream right?

“I’m happy to be back in New Orleans but you know those bags of mixed nuts where you get the peanuts and M&M’s and you’re happy but then the next handful you get some weird-ass nut that you don’t like?” said team manager Forrest Butler “I feel like early on I was getting nothing but M&M’s and then by the mains, I was getting cashews. And I hate cashews”

When asked for a comment after the race, team rider Shaun Skinner said “Look, I don’t want to talk about the race, I have a bag of beads and I’m going to Bourbon to forget it.”

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