Vintage Motocross Cup des Nations

On September 5th and 6th 2009 the Vintage Motocross Cup des Nations will be run for the first time at the legendary Farleigh Castle Grand Prix circuit in Wiltshire, England, scene of many great GP races from the past.

Open to the following classes Twinshock U/40 yrs, Twinshock O/40 yrs, Twinshock, Four Stroke Open, Classic pre65/74 bikes,
Evolution Open class, Evolution up to 250cc class, Veterans O/40 on modern bikes.

The event will also incorporate a vintage Motocross des Nations, bringing together former World Champions such  as Graham Noyce with old rivals like Herbert Schmitz, Harry Everts and many more.

A delegation led by Graham Noyce and Denis Slythe are coming over to Brad Lackey's Inter AM vintage event in Northern California to sign riders up. An invite has gone out to Chuck Sun, who hopes to convince his fellow 1981 team-mates, Donny Hansen, Danny Laporte and Johnny O'mara to suit up for Team USA one more time!

Run over two days the event will have a party atmosphere with a live band and bar on Saturday night, sure to be the venue for some classic bench racing.

Here's a link to an entry form: or contact for more details.