Motorcycle Clothing and Gear for Her

Chicago, IL - VaVaVroom's spring 2009 collection of casual apparel has something for every woman and captures the very essence of femininity.  The new collection includes a boutique friendly line of casual wear aptly titled the "Night Out" collection and a collection for dirt bike riders, called "Talk Dirty to Me".  The "Chopper Chic" collection is all about finding a stylin' shirt for you at a price you will love. 

VaVaVroom didn't stop with the new collections.  We've updated some of our hottest sellers with new styles.  Check out our new collection of designs for Spring '09 below, that will definitely get you noticed - even in a crowd.  

Motorcycles and scooters had an extraordinary year in 2008 and women everywhere are joinng the ride.  Reports from the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) revealed that scooter sales were up 41.5 percent and dual-sport motorcycles saw an increase by 22.8 percent for 2008.  This report also found that 39 percent of new motorcycle and scooter riders were women in 2008, a marked increase from only 8 percent in 2003.  It's no wonder the buzz about the VaVaVroom line continues to grow.

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