MX Vacations Glen Helen Package

Menifee, CA – Would you like to race Amateur Day at  Glen Helen then watch the pros the following day? Non-SoCal locals  can now race the Outdoor National track at Glen Helen on Amateur Day,  days before the pros do, thanks to Motocross Vacations signing up  amateurs who want to experience the ultimate AMA MX Championships  Experience.

“We’re so fortunate to be a part of a sport that can offer  this,” comments John Maldonado, owner of MXV. “There’s no other  sport at this level where amateurs can participate on the same course  as the pros, just days before.”  MX Vacations’ Glen Helen Amateur  Day Experience includes bike and full support for one or two days of  racing as well as 3-day passes to the Main Event, including the  exclusive Holeshot Club. For more info log onto

For additional practice days, MX VACATIONS is just a short drive to  seven of the most popular California mx tracks: Glen Helen, Perris  MX, Rynoland, Starwest, Cahuilla Creek MX, Competitive Edge MX Park  and Milestone Ranch MX Park. These well-groomed tracks offer an  awesome experience for all levels, from beginner to expert and vet  riders.

For additional information contact:
Suzi Maldonado
909. 772.8082